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About Tankxo

1. Tankxo deals with the distribution and management of retail business for Multiple international Brands.

2. Tankxo also offers a peerless interface between the Manufacturers and the Sellers, as a unified portal.

3. With Tankxo , all the transactions are transparent, to provide a secure mode of trust between the individual and the brands.

4. The Tankxo have been in this field for more than 7 years with prominent experience and sustained in the high level of Customer handling and Satisfaction.

5. The Transportation and delivery are managed and notified to both the Brands and the Resellers very soon once the products are distributed, so that the consumer can keep track of their product easily.

6. We pride in quality of the product even if the product is available in the wholesale price.
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3150 De La Cruz Blvd,
Santa Clara, CA
USA – 95054

Email: info@tankxo.com
Phone: 661-467-2713