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Tankxo's Ethics

Professional Wholesalers of Branded Products

Everyone of our Tankxo’s customer is important to us and we would deal with them more precisely following all our work ethics to satisfy the needs of our individual customers or prominent resellers of Tankxo wholesaled products.

01. Passion

At Tanxo the quality of our work lies in the passion and dedication we put in our routine.

03. Patience

Patience is a strong virtue we at Tankxo follow, to understand and analyze the needs of your specifications.

02. your Requirement

Everyone has there own unique needs. Tankxo makes sure they are dealt with to your satisfaction.

04. Listening

Supplying your products with Branded quality at Tankxo is one thing, but the other is to Listen to your actual needs and deliver accordingly.


Years of experience

in Wholesaling and Distribution

Top categories

The needs of our customers are categorized into the following major Categories these sections are how we at Tankxo classify and ship the products. The most demanded categories are listed below, we also provide various other in-dept variety of Branded products. Contact Us for more information on those categories.

Kids and Toys

Play Materials

Pet Care

Pet Health Needs



Medical Equipments

Health Care


Beauty Products

Home Utilities

DIY Fixes



kitchen Accessories

Cooking Utilities

Home Decor

Home Modification


Painting Materials

car Accessories

Automobile Parts

Men Care

Men’s Body Care

Baby Care

Toddler Needs

Women care

Women’s Body Care

Bike Accessories

Two-wheeler Parts


Costumes for All

Tankxo Working Hours

Weekends are off at Tankxo Wholesale we do have a 09 Am to 06 Pm operational time for our office at Santa Clara, California. Kindly do give us a Call or Visit us during the following Operational hours. You could also Contact Us by filling up the form.


9.00 – 18.00


9.00 – 18.00


9.00 – 18.00


9.00 – 18.00


9.00 – 18.00





Popular Brands

Tankxo deals with various popular brands of products, all the products being shipped from Tankxo are brand verified then processed. Please "CLICK HERE" to start ordering the products. Few of the most common Brands we deal with are

About Tankxo

We at Tankxo coordinate the distribution and managing retail business for Multiple international Brands.

The Tankxo have been in this field for more than 7 years with prominent experience and sustained in the high level of Customer handling and Satisfaction.

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Tankxo deals with a variety of products and its categories , to know more about the details.
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